Wild Goose Qigong

Wild Goose Qigong is a movement-oriented qigong known for its lovely and graceful movements that suggest the image of an innocent and carefree wild goose. Wild Goose Qigong uses whole body circular and spiral movements to move and direct the qi inside our body.

Contrary to the Western belief of “no pain, no gain,” the circular and spiral movements in Wild Goose Qigong forms are designed to be played effortlessly and with fluidity. The movements and postures naturally open the twelve meridians activating various acupoints and allowing energy to flow into the channels in the front and back of the torso and to the limbs. Wild Goose Qigong can increase inner strength and flexibility, improve immune function and circulation, develop breath and movement, and help develop sensitivity to inner energy flow.  A powerful and very enjoyable Qigong practice.

9 Phases of Qi Cultivation & Mastery

Based upon Dr. Roger Jahnke’s “Healing Promise of Qi,” the 9 Phases - Discover, Gather, Circulate, Purify, Direct, Conserve, Store, Transform, and Dissolve uses gentle movements along with guided visualizations to awaken and refine our natural healing and intuitive abilities to discover our natural inner powers. A tool with extraordinary power to help release inner potential.

Primordial/Wuji Qigong

Combines slow circular movements with a heightened awareness of internal energy. This simple mind-body energetics practice takes us into a relationship with our eternally well self - an aspect of ourselves that is immortal. It is a way to nurture our being with a deeper peace.

Tai Chi Easy™

All the benefits of tai chi without having to learn a long sequence of movements! The 5 Tai Chi  EasyTM movements stay true to the principles of the longer forms. This practice helps increase joint flexibility, balance, circulation, range of motion and maintain muscle strength. It also soothes and rewires the nervous system and increases cognitive function and brain plasticity.

Bone Marrow Washing

Helps increase stamina and inner strength and improves perseverance and peak performance both physically and mentally. Adult stem cells are mainly stored in our bone marrow. By practicing Bone Marrow Washing Qigong, we help our Qi penetrate into the spine and “wash” the marrow, eventually stimulating and activating our adult stem cells for healing and maintaining optimal health.

Vitality Method

Mindful Movement • Breathing Practice • Self-Applied Massage • Meditation